The annual ‘Balikatan’ drills come as the Philippines protests against the presence of the Chinese vessels at Whitsun Reef in the Spratly Islands. Basically, even if the reporters themselves want to uphold journalistic integrity, the editors will still twist words and make misleading headlines. The South China Morning Post was acquired by Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men and the founder of e-commerce platform Alibaba, in December 2015. written test was to examine candidate's english skill / news judgement. It’s good as long as you ignore their “Opinion” articles. People in China are now comfortable paying with their mobile phones rather than with cash. America’s own journey to power colours its perception of Chinese intention. The idea is preposterous: how would you know who had cast a blank vote unless voting would no longer be secret? Reddit … More understanding on both sides can help prevent grievous policy miscalculation. Exactly like the RTHK. All this in a simple, timeless symbol. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Videos from Hong Kong, China and beyond, produced by the South China Morning Post.Follow us on Telegram: This article originally appeared in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the most authoritative voice reporting on China and Asia for more than a century. The SCMP prints paper editions in … Nothing overt, but the unspoken top-down pressure was enough for him to eventually leave. You have a better chance of getting the truth straight from the reporters' own twitter feed. They even have a writer or two that totally sympathized with the protesters. The South China Morning Post is a respected paper with a long and noble history that has recently made more than a few missteps. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if South China Morning Post … It's a shame I was not aware of HKFP, especially after founding many useful articles on their site. AsiaOne South China Morning Post News - Read the latest South China Morning Post breaking news, opinions, politics, weather, traffic, and more up-to-date South China Morning Post news at AsiaOne The two senior officials who ignited a debate last week by raising the possibility of such a ban should have known better. Ambassador to Washington Cui Tiankai says the two countries should revive the spirit of mutual respect that categorised the 1971 exchange. Thank you! The South China Morning Post homepage. If you ignore the obviously weighted opinion pieces and biased headlines, I think it's actually quite a comprehensive source and the fact that they have huge articles on June 4 every year means they're not a "propaganda" piece - not yet, anyhow. Otherwise, Hong Kong Free Press is a pretty good English source. although it seemed difficult, it allowed me to be prepared. They're a wolf in sheep's clothing. After that it has been alleged to be promoting China's power. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) is an English-language newspaper based in Hong Kong. They use the old tactic of publishing liberal articles and opinions to gain a following, then once they've sucked you in, they throw in pro CCP propaganda content every now and then. This might give you some insight: They do have a slight pro-China slant, but far from 100% propaganda. The South China Morning Post is a leading global news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century. If you ignore the obviously weighted opinion pieces and biased headlines, I think it's actually quite a comprehensive source and the fact that they have huge articles on June 4 every year means they're not a "propaganda" piece - not yet, anyhow. The comment section is full of wumaos from Singapore and mainland, it is definitely best to ignore that. I really appreciate your answer. Explore more on South China Morning Post. : 251 Editor-in-chief Tammy Tam succeeded Wang Xiangwei in 2016. It's geared toward Americans nowadays in an effort to project Chinese soft power. One of those was Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) – he sold it in 1993 to the Chinese-Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok for $349m (the equivalent of $574m in today’s money). HONG KONG — On a recent afternoon, the staff of The South China Morning Post, a 114-year-old newspaper, gathered around roast suckling pig … I had a friend who worked full time for the SCMP (a few years before the Alibaba acquisition) and he said there was "censorship," but in the form of self-censoring to make your article more likely to be passed by editors. It is owned by Alibaba Group. Criticism of the South China Morning Post, or SCMP as it is widely known, comes after the newspaper was bought by one of China’s wealthiest business tycoons, the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. The South China Morning Post (SCMP), with its Sunday edition, the Sunday Morning Post, is a Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper owned by Alibaba Group.. SCMP was founded by an anti qing dynasty person and a british journalists. Some of things RTHK have said not nutural as much as I would like. Glassdoor has 92 South China Morning Post reviews submitted anonymously by South China Morning Post employees. The South China Morning Post reports that the Student Representative Assembly accused the CSSA of violating its rules by reporting the February … A quarter of South China Morning Post's digital revenue disappeared overnight in 2021. Some people in China are taking no chances when it comes to personal protection against the coronavirus outbreak. The South China Morning Post is a respected paper with a long and noble history that has recently made more than a few missteps. Find South China Morning Post Latest News, Videos & Pictures on South China Morning Post and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. In addition to The South China Morning Post, Alibaba is also buying the SCMP Group’s other media assets, including a portfolio of fashion, travel and lifestyle publications. Photo: Screenshot. While almost everyone who covers China reads the SCMP’s reporting, many critics say that the company is being used as a slick propaganda tool for Beijing. But long gone are the glory days when it had character and thick City sections and weekly H. K. Magazine. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong and is the city's newspaper of record. The Scmp used to be good before they sold out to Alibaba. Attempts to humiliate Beijing will only backfire and expose America’s loneliness and inability to sway its allies. SCMP I think has been leaning more towards CCP but is not as bad as news on mainland. It must also tell our story, representing the company’s roots, legacy, and future. Slow rate of vaccination in low-income countries using patented doses as insisted by rich countries means the world won’t achieve herd immunity for 4.6 years, new study says, Despite the hurdles, there is still room for Hong Kong’s pan-democrats to play a meaningful role in the political system. Founded in 1903 by Tse Tsan-tai and Alfred Cunningham, it has remained Hong Kong's newspaper of record since British colonial rule. Since the owner of SCMP is Alibaba, I'm worried it's likely Chinese propaganda. I saw some articles that made me actually question if they're a pro-China or not, thank you for cleaning it off. The South China Morning Post is a global digital news leader with a unique role in championing the plurality of voices in Asia through its breadth and depth of news coverage. They publish enough critical pieces, however, to avoid losing all credibility in the same way China Daily has. We hope you will love it … March 2, 2021 . I interviewed at South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Interview one video interview and the written test. That's what I was concerned about, thank you for clarifying it for me. Photo: Handout, China, US send warships into disputed waters amid rising tensions, Chinese filmmaker Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland wins four Bafta awards, Even stars are doing it: why sex toy sales have hit an all-time peak, David Cameron: Greensill lobbying should have been through ‘formal channels’, Western boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics would only prove US weakness, Egypt prosecutors find gross negligence behind fatal train crash, Russia and China thwarting international response to Myanmar crisis, says EU chief, How the history of bread in France is ‘the story of people’, Iran says Natanz atomic site blackout an act of ‘nuclear terrorism’, Angela Merkel’s departure splits Germany’s conservatives in succession battle, A photo of the captain of the USS Mustin taken while shadowing the PLA warships has been described as a form of ‘cognitive warfare’, Both sides are building up their forces in the East and South China seas by sending carriers and escorts to the region. The South China Morning Post is now available across countless channels, platforms, and formats, and our logo must be recognisable and adaptable across all of them. Alibaba has jumped into the news business after the Chinese company confirmed on Friday that it has agreed to acquire the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Many years later Alibaba bought it to correct the image of china which western media has been painting. Is there a better news outlet about the foregoing regions? It's slightly biased towards China as others have said, but I think for on-the-ground live coverage it's surprisingly impartial and factual. Like many other steps the US and its allies have taken against China, such an action would be self-defeating. That's the info I've been looking for, it gave me a good insight. E-commerce platform Pinduoduo fell more than 8.7 per cent, while rival Alibaba Group Holding, owner of the South China Morning Post, had fallen by more than 3.4 per cent by market close. I need articles about China and/or Hong Kong economy. In 2016 there is a new owner for the newspaper. This was pre-Alibaba pre-Umbrella Movement, so I assume things may have gotten worse. in order words, it is a mouth piece of CCP . All three sides flex their military muscle in South China Sea, Taiwan Strait this week. It has a Sunday edition called the Sunday Morning Post. The US officers watch the Chinese carrier from the deck of their ship. Is it a trustworthy newspaper? By Lucinda Southern. Thank you! they gave me one day to complete the written test. Don't be fooled. Read full articles from South China Morning Post and explore endless topics, magazines and more on your phone or tablet with Google News. Reddit users expressed frustration in the comments of Huffman’s post that Reddit was using the term to describe the discussion of widely publicized news stories. Alibaba buys South China Morning Post to 'improve China's image' ... Reddit; Pocket; ... "This criticism reflects a bias of its own, as if to say newspaper … Getty Images. Your source for credible news and authoritative insights from Hong Kong, China and the world. It is Chinese propaganda. A New York Times article on the South China Morning Post — Hong Kong’s English-language paper of record — has inspired a debate amongst China journalists. The reason that dictatorships are so keen on using the services of patsies is that, in … For English I avoid SCMP and stick to RTHK, HKFP, and other sources, which tend to have a more HK focus anyhow (SCMP is often covering US-China relations, or just China stuff). What to Beijing is a defensive response to historical lessons is seen as a threat to US naval supremacy. That's what I was looking for, really appreciate that! It's slightly biased towards China as others have said, but I think for on-the-ground live coverage it's surprisingly impartial and factual.